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Karl Dean

Karl Dean is a Professional Trader, Venture Capitalist and Angel Investor with a background in Structural Engineering and Finance.  He has worked in the Oil and Gas industry since early 2000.  Karl also has an Accounting background from the CGA and has been a Professional Diver for the last 30 years. Karl trades a variety of Markets including US, Canadian, European and Asian, including stocks, ETF’s, futures, options and warrants, individual stocks, and currency (forex) markets. Karl also offers a variety of professional services market analysis and trading services to other traders and investors, and trading instruction to aspiring professional traders.

Karl got his first taste of the stock market through an employee stock purchase plan at The Home Depot while still at school.  From there the love affair with the market began to take hold.

In June of 2008, Karl noticed something interesting while scanning stock charts he noticed a change in momentum in oil prices they broke their upward trend line.  This alone was nothing to be concerned about, however, the more Karl researched, the more charts he found that started to show the same signs.  Even the VXX (fear index) which shows market mood started to rise.  This was all the signs Karl needed and liquidating all of his long positions Karl shifted to shorting stocks.  This type of trading worked very well for the next 6 months or so until the early spring of 2009 in which again things started to change around and thus began the longest Bull Market run we have seen to date.  These types of trading styles that Karl uses helped him coin the phrase “There is Always a Bull Market”

Karl says the hardest thing for retail traders is finding the time to do the research on the trades they want to make.  Finding an alert service that provides trade ideas can be difficult at best.  So in 2007, Karl founded Alien Investment Corp with the goal of allowing subscribers to follow along with the trades he made as a retail investor himself.

Karl lives in Calgary with his beautiful wife and two daughters.  Karl enjoys wine collecting, cooking and spending time with family and friends.  In his spare time Karl writes wine and food related articles for winechef, a wine and food website that provides wine reviews, recipes etc.

Our Traders

The entire team at Alien Investments is committed to helping you become a smarter and wealthier investor.  We are experienced traders and our experience in trading goes back almost 20 years.


To be a trusted independent source of advice for individuals striving to take control of their investments.


To help our growing customer base become better investors, make money and retire earlier.


  • We value our customers, who expect and deserve our best work.
  • We value the voice of the stock market, which keeps us humble while providing us with great opportunities.
  • We value our employees, who, by working as a team in a respectful and ever-adapting environment.
  • We value honesty, not only because our independence and public reputation are major assets, but also because it’s the right thing to do.
  • We value education as the optimum route to self-improvement.

Our Tools

In order to be the best at what we do we need to rely on the best tools available to get the job done.  We rely on Falcon Trading Computers and Tradestation to find our Stocks.